Inter-Professional Event Teaches WJU Health Science Students Benefit of Teamwork

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  Friday, March 16, 2018 8:13 AM
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Wheeling, WV

Students and faculty from Wheeling Jesuit University’s health care programs, along with community members, participated in the second Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Collaboration event earlier this semester.

Seventy-nine students and six faculty members from Wheeling Jesuit University's health care programs joined community panel members for this event.

ipe1.jpgThe students, who were from the Athletic Training, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Respiratory Therapy programs, spent the afternoon working through a paper case in small inter-professional groups. The groups discussed the case and developed a comprehensive inter-professional treatment plan. The event concluded with an interactive Gallery Walk.

“The goal of IPE is to prepare health professional students with the values and core competencies necessary for collaborative, inter-professional practice for best patient care and outcomes. These behaviors and attitudes include, but are not limited to: mutual respect for all team members, openness to trust other team members, a willingness to collaborate, and reflection upon the role of self and other team members," said Dr. Maryanne Capp, chair of the Nursing and Health Sciences.

ipe-3.jpgThe WJU students were presented a paper case that involved a college student who sustained an athletic injury while on the field.  

“Students from the health care professions were required to work through each stage of the process from the on-field injury to return to learn and play. The students discussed inter-professional care, which included the following components: the athletic on-field assessment; nursing, respiratory therapy and physical therapy care in the emergency department and hospital settings; athletic training and physical therapy through the post-surgery rehabilitation and return to sport phases; and the psychosocial effects with return to school, relationship difficulties and return to learn in the classroom,” explained Dr. Kristine Grubler, clinical associate professor Physical Therapy.   

During the IPE event, students had the opportunity to gain exposure to and immersion in inter-professional collaboration, values and core competencies. Dr. Meghann Kolb, assistant professor of Physical Therapy and David Dennis, director of Athletic Training explained that students who apply the values and the competencies acquired through this inter-professional education activity can exemplify student leadership in future collaborative situations.

Marybeth Emmerth, director of WJU’s Respiratory Therapy program, added, “To be work-force ready upon graduation, students need to be able to perform well in inter-professional and multidisciplinary teams. Historically, students have received little training in how to function within an inter-professional teamwork environment. Competent patient care requires practitioners to know how each of the different health professions contributes to the goal of optimizing patient care and health outcomes.”

Dr. Rhonda Haley, clinical assistant professor of PT said, “Inter-professional practice is the provision of safe, comprehensive and appropriate services by multiple health care providers within and across settings and disciplines. This collaboration occurs when two or more professions learn with, from, and about each other to provide quality care to their clients.”

The WJU faculty IPE committee members are:  Athletic Training, Dave Dennis; Nursing, Maryanne Capp; Physical Therapy, Krissy Grubler, Rhonda Haley, and Meghann Kolb; Respiratory Therapy, Marybeth Emmerth and Psychology/Research, Bryan Raudenbush.  

The university panel members that participated in the event were: Counseling, Tina Tordella; and Jesuit Community, Rev. Hadi Sasmita, S.J. Community panelists were: Medical, Dr. Rex Lasure; Pharmacy, Emma O’Leary; and Social Work, Carol Stryker.

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