Former Pro Athlete to Talk to Wheeling Jesuit Students Nov. 14

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  Wednesday, November 1, 2017 8:47 AM
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Wheeling, WV

Former professional basketball player Todd Jadlow, will speak to students at Wheeling Jesuit University Tuesday, Nov. 14 about his story of recovery after years of excess.

tj-web.jpgThe talk, sponsored by the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference (OVAC), is one of several Jadlow will give during his visit to the area. He will speak to members of the WJU community at 7 p.m. in the Edouard and Simone Ziegler Recital Hall inside the Center for Educational Technologies building at WJU. The event is open to the public and is free of charge 

According to Dan Doyle, a member of the OVAC leadership team, “The OVAC has been bringing in speakers from Sports World to talk to athletes since 2001. Jadlow will address student-athletes about a topic that’s relevant to what’s happening at their school.”

Jadlow is member of Indiana University’s national basketball championship team coached by Bob Knight and former national and international basketball player. He will offer WJU students a talk about his personal journey – one filled with highs and lows.

“Growing up in a small town in Kansas, I always knew I was a little different and didn’t quite fit in – until I found sports. After starting to excel in basketball, all of a sudden I was treated like a normal guy. At that time, I had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player – but for all the wrong reasons,” Jadlow said.

He said he wasn’t a grounded person as his basketball career began to soar.

“I found myself living a life of excess which included indulging in drugs and alcohol, and thought I was living my dream. Little did I know, that years later, those evils would nearly cost me my life and cause me to lose my freedom. Now I share my story and my road to recovery with the hope of making a difference in someone’s life,” Jadlow explained.

“For many of our students, sport is a primary commitment, which serves as a means to develop self-discipline, form community, discern values and build character. Todd Jadlow will share his experience as a college and professional athlete, how he learned what is of lasting value the hard way, after seeking what is of less value and suffering the consequences. He ultimately learned how to make better decisions, just like St. Ignatius,” said Jamey Brogan, director of Campus Ministry and Mission & Identity.

Doyle added, while the OVAC has been bringing speakers to talk to high school students, he believes Jadlow’s story is one that will provide WJU students information that might have a positive impact on their college experience.

Sports World, Inc. was founded by Ira Lee Eshleman 37 years ago to address problems facing the nation’s youth by sending professional athletes to share personal life experiences. This mission, Eshleman believed, helps the students to recognize the consequences of their choices, while encouraging them with a message of hope. Sport World’s mantra is “You’re not born a winner, you’re not born a loser, you’re born a chooser.”

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