Keep on Learning While Keeping Safe

March 17

Keep on Learning While Keeping Safe

Unexpected changes in our lives happen all of the time. However, unprecedented challenges, which we have never faced before, can provoke additional stress and worry. Please remember it is how we face difficult situations that matters most.

WU is here to help you keep on learning even when times are challenging. Our shared goal is to keep on learning and teaching while remaining safe. One way to ensure we move forward, is to help you to reach your learning goals. Online learning will keep us safe as we teach and learn together.

While we usually see each other in classrooms, we now need to switch to all online learning. Don’t worry! Your professors will do everything they can to keep you on track. Reflective of our University mission, WU is dedicated to serving and supporting our students with care, compassion, kindness, creativity, flexibility and positivity in all aspects of academic learning.

The following tips, tools, and resources will help, and support you as you move forward during this unexpected transition to online learning. This information also acts as a ‘toolkit’ for you to refer to when engaging in Blackboard.

Let Your Light Shine: Stay Positive and Learn Every Day the Cardinal Way

Be well - Our main priority is your health! Please check out the health tips and FAQs on the WU Health Center and COVID-19 Updates on the WU homepage.

Be prepared - The more you prepare in advance, the easier it will be to keep on track and learning online. Update your contact information with WU. Check your WU email and any course communication tools (for example, Blackboard) for updates at least once a day.

Stay calm - Even though you may feel quite stressed or uncertain, try your best stay calm. This will help you focus, plan ahead, keep yourself organized, and make logical decisions.

Embrace integrity - Continue to embrace and adhere to the WU academic integrity policy. Cardinals are leaders with regard to taking the WU Academic Dishonesty and Integrity Policy seriously.

Practice flexibility and don’t stop - Your instructors may be learning new things as well. They will be looking at creative ways to deal with assignments, exams, discussions and avenues for student submission of their work. In the end, just keep working, don’t stop, and be open to change.

Seek support from your classmates - We encourage you to stay in communication with other students in your own classes and across the University. Find out what’s working for them and how they’re managing their online coursework. This will help you build more tools in your WU Learning Toolkit - tools that will help you move to online learning and success. 

Prioritize care, compassion and kindness - Supporting each other can go a long way. Practice compassion and kindness with your classmates and your faculty. Everyone is doing their best to maintain your courses and stay on track for the semester.

Speak up if you need to talk- In times like these, you may need to talk to someone who can listen, support you, and help you focus on your learning. We really do encourage you to reach out to your Faculty Advisor if you want to talk. They are there for you!! The WU Counseling Center and Campus Ministry are great resources for you when trying to cope with change, stress and uncertainty.



Stay Informed

Course Communications

Faculty/instructors have been encouraged to send updated course directions to all enrolled students. This communication will be through the faculty member’s standard mode of communication.

 It is the responsibility of the student to monitor their WU email and Blackboard course site to learn about updates and next steps in their classes online. Some announcements may go out to students through Cardinal Alert.

 Resources Available to Students

Daily Laptops Check Out:
Laptops can be checked out for a 24-hour period. This service is based on availability. Contact the ITS office at 304-243-8181 or stop by CET 202 for more information.


On-Campus Computer Labs:
Acker 207                                 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Acker 307                                 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Acker 315                                 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Student Success Center            8:00 am - 11:00 pm


Student Success Center (SSC)
The Student Success Center is available to provide resources and academic/career related assistance through Blackboard, email, phone, and For more information call 304-243-2328 or email


Technology Support

Academic Support

  • Online tutoring services will continue to be offered via, which can be accessed in your Blackboard account on the My Institution page.
  • The Student Success Center will continue to provide resources through Blackboard, email, or
  • Your WU faculty advisor will be available via email, phone, or other arranged communication services. You can find their contact info in the Campus Directory.




Labs & Outside Placements

  • For courses with lab components, contact your professor about the plan for lab work in a remote or online format.
  • If you are involved in a research lab, contact the faculty member in charge of the research lab to find out more.
  • For students who are currently on internships, practica, placements, field experiences, or any activities with off-campus partners, please communicate with your professor, program coordinator, or department chair about the plan of action.



Tools for Working Together on Group Projects                                                                                                                                                                  is a 24/7 online tutoring program where you can connect with expert tutors at any time, submit papers for review, take practice quizzes, and find a variety of resources to help with assignments and exams.  Simply access your blackboard account and click “connect to an online tutor now” on the main My Institution screen.

How to use To Go™ is the free mobile companion for Downloading is available at: Meeting Spaces Meeting Spaces allows students and instructors a convenient application for virtual office hours, lectures, and study sessions. Meeting Spaces can be accessed by choosing Join a Meeting Space within To invite others to a meeting, you only need their email address.


The features for students include the following:

  • Online office hours
  • Online lecture and test review
  • Student-to-student meetings (create a meeting to complete work as a group)

Google Suites                                                                                                                                                                   
The Google Suite are free tools closely aligned to Microsoft’s Office suite. These tools offer increased flexibility for viewing across devices and provide increased options for online collaboration.



  • Unlimited storage
  • Content works well on laptops and phones
  • Options to comment, publish to the web, embed in other systems



Zoom is a good option for live video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, and telephones.



  • 40-minute limit on free accounts
  • Unlimited One-to-One meeting




Google Hangouts (Meet)                                                                                                                                                  
Google Hangouts Meet is available in all WU Google app accounts. Simply access your WU email account and then access the list of apps in the upper right corner. Select “Meets” to start or join a session. There is a mobile Meet app available for your phones. 


Technology Support & Resources