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The University Compliance Program is established to support the University's Mission of educating men and women for LIFE, LEADERSHIP and SERVICE WITH AND AMONG OTHERS/ The University Administration and the Board of Trustees recognize that the Mission can only be achieved in an environment where integrity morality and adherence to regulations and policies govern the day-to-day activities of the faculty, students and employees. To help develop and maintain that environment, the Audit Committee of the Board has designated a Compliance Coordinator and a Compliance Team and tasked them as follows:

The mission of the Wheeling Jesuit University Compliance Team is to identify inventory, assess and prioritize risks which may adversely affect the University with the stated goals of continuous improvement and mitigation through the devlopment of managerial contraols, training programs, communications, reporting procedures, investigative techniques, audits and ongoing corrective action.

Compliance Philosophy: The University has determined that a de-centralized process, built by professionals according to "best practices," is the most effective approach for a University of our size. These professionals comprise the Compliance Team.

Compliance Coordinator: The Compliance Coordinator is available to answer questions, respond to concerns and guide you through your compliance responsibilities.

Compliance Responsibilities: Use the Compliance Inventory to determine your compliance responsibilities and your compliance area. This inventory will provide directories, by area, of laws and policies, procedures and training designed by the University per "best practices" available to mitigate the risk and help the employees in the area fulfill their obligations.

Compliance Hotline: Potential violations of laws and University policies may be reported directly per the guidelines of the individual policies, in person to a University Administrator or via the University's confidential hotline. Good faith reports will be investigated and the reporting individual will remain free from retaliation. Use the Compliance Report instructions to report a violation via email or phone call.

Compliance Training: The Human Resources Department will schedule training on risk, how to avoid or mitigate risk and the process in general. To schedule training on a particular topic contact the Human Resources Department.

Organization Charts: Define the University structure and link to individual position descriptions which define position compliance responsibilities.

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